Granulator VST / AudioUnit

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Argotlunar is a tool for creating surreal transformations of audio streams. Specifically, it is a real-time delay-line granulator. It disintegrates an audio stream into short samples (grains). Each grain can have random settings of amplitude, panning, duration, delay, pitch, glissando, filter and envelope. The output of all grains is mixed together into a stream which can be fed back into the main input.

Time-related parameters can be synced to the host tempo, for rhythmic and pulsing textures. Pitch-related parameters can be quantized for harmonic and melodic effects. Feedback can create chaotic, densely layered, and distorted sounds.

Most of the parameters can be correlated. Examples:

Argotlunar is free software. Licensed under the GPL v2.


Current version is 2.0.6



Please feel welcome to contact me with any suggestions, comments, links to your music, etc.
Michael Ourednik argotlunar at gmail dot com